Management of Technical Works

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The main duty of the Directorate of Technical Works is to detect and carry out infrastructure and superstructure services, have them made by relevant institutions or construct them. Within this scope, our Directorate carries out license and other operations related to investments, maintenance and repairing works which become certain after approval of Mayoralty following review, and which are prepared in accordance with the view of the directorate and instructions to be given by the Mayoralty according to the Budget Decree stated in the investment program of the Municipality.
In accordance with the relevant legislation and provisions, our directorate prepares exploration, makes controller services, follow up and settle all relevant operations of all kinds of jobs planned to be made through tender in accordance with the Public Tender Law No. 4734.
For transportation, it constantly monitors roads and technically examines them in order not to allow any problems in the traffic circulation. All kinds of problems detected or improving precautions or designs are evaluated and implemented in the work program of our Directorate following a technical revisal; or it is ensured to be done by establishing coordination with the relevant institutions.
Our directorate also has the following as its main duties: stabilization, surface dressing or treating it with hot asphalt, maintenance and repairing, curb and pavement construction of side roads, other than main artery roads; establishing refuges and arrangement of junctions.
On the other hand, detection of streets having insufficient or no water supply and sewage system, and construction and repairing of rain water channels in coordination with the General Directorate of İSKİ.
Operations for improvement of streams within the borders of the Municipality and taking precautions against overflowing rivers are carefully sustained.
Operations of institutions and organizations in our District, related to infrastructure are coordinated, and they are ensured to be done according to a plan.
Besides, within the scope of the instruction and projects of our Mayoralty, the Directorate follows-up, controls and has various superstructure investments done (Like junctions, cultural centers, and women's shelter). Moreover, it provides various services to public institutions and organizations within the bounds of possibility. (For Mukhtar Offices, Schools, Healthcare Centers, Sanctuaries and Non-Governmental Organizations).
Directorate of Technical Works, Scope of Operation
— Construction, maintenance, repairing works and landscape works of service buildings belonging to our Municipality.
— Preparation, follow-up and control of all kinds of study, plan, project, exploration and tender files belonging to jobs requested by the Mayoralty.
— Designing public works services on which R&D studies are planned to be made (preliminary project, definite project, as-built project).
— Construction of cultural centers.
— Opening construction roads present in the construction plan and located within the borders of the municipality; asphalting them, repairing current roads and corrupted asphalts, and carrying out renewal operations, fulfilling repairing and maintenance through robots.
— Making repairing maintenance of pavements present at streets in our district.
— Regarding expropriation of real estates to be expropriated, ensuring settlement of required works in collaboration with authorized Directorate.
— Constructing pavements at newly opened roads.
— Construction of Retaining Wall and Road with Stages
— Doing or having done the construction, modification and repairing of buildings belonging to public institutions and organizations and buildings, as well as other buildings decided by the Mayoralty. 
— Transferring unattended rubbles to dumping areas
— Construction of safety fences where there is a risk.
— Construction of stone and retaining walls where necessary.
— Maintenance of subways.
— Construction, maintenance and repair of rainwater channels.
— Designing, constructing or having junctions done to regulate traffic circulation.
— Having signalization, horizontal-vertical traffic signals put in order to ensure traffic safety.
— Improving rivers or having them improved.
— Establishing coordination with other infrastructure institutions and organizations regarding infrastructure works.
— Upon requests, regulation of excavation licenses in accordance with the infrastructure instruction No. 1997-3, and inspection of excavation works to see if they are duly conducted.
— In case of bad conditions occurred due to natural disasters or harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, etc., forming emergency intervention teams 24 hours a day, and conducting operations.
— Collecting contributory fee for road expenditures; actualize road contributory fee in accordance with the 23rd article of the Construction Law No. 3194.
— Upon requests and complaints of our citizens or all public institutions and organizations to our Directorate, necessary action is taken according to its priority; and the citizens as well as public institutions and organizations are informed about these operations.
To carry out duties, authorizations and responsibilities belonging to the Directorate of Technical Works, in the process of creating Ümraniye as modern, livable district, without any problems.

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