Management of Machinery Supply Maintenance and Repair

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-It carries out management of engineering vehicles belonging to our municipality. Considering maximum saving and standardization based on its budget and funds, and within the framework of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 and relevant laws, it supplies required machinery, instruments, engineering vehicles, motor vehicles, equipments and their replacement parts to be used for services of the Municipality, at reasonable conditions and at the right time, from the domestic or foreign markets.

Upon requests and programs of our Mayoralty, it conducts production operations with its Asphalt Plant the capacity of which is 300 tons per hour. Our completely automatic asphalt plant is an environmentally sensitive model plant as it uses only natural gas. With these plants, Ümraniye Municipality produces more quality asphalt at lower costs, and it can produce asphalt at an amount more than it needs in a year.
With operations made at our Asphalt Quality Measurement Laboratory, operations to increase production capacity and quality are carried out.
With foundation of our new asphalt plant, our capacity was increased to 300 tons/per hour; and with our increased capacity we can easily meet the asphalt need of every road and streets of Ümraniye; and besides we get revenue by meeting asphalt demands of neighboring City and District Municipalities.

Our Official vehicles and engineering vehicles under our directorate as well as our vehicles rented through tenders are provided for the service of all of our Directorates, considering priorities and based on a plan and program.
On 11 Routes, Personnel Shuttles provide service.
For our citizens living in our district not to get affected from such natural disasters as dense snow, heavy rain and flood, and to ensure their security of property and life, required logistic support is provided with operations conducted under the coordination of the Directorate of Technical Works.
Plans and programs are made considering the maintenance, repairing, periodical maintenance and replacement part supply of all vehicles and engineering vehicles which are present under the Atelier Garage Directorship and Central Garage Directorship of our Directorate, and which are managed by us. Relevant operations and works are carried out under the coordination of our Atelier Chiefdom.
At our Atelier Chiefdom; there are electric, motor, dye, tire oiling, bonnet, welding, engineering machine repair shop sections. Trouble shooting and replacement part needs of our engineering machines are determined, their cost-benefit analysis is done, and with a fast and efficient intervention, malfunctioning vehicles and engineering vehicles are made active.

 For the purpose of more effective and efficient use of our Machinery Park, minimizing operation costs; Annual Periodical Maintenance Plan is implemented.
- In case solitary patients living in our district who are bedded and have insufficient monetary opportunities apply our municipality via a phone call; we provide them transportation service to medical institutions with 2 of our fully equipped patient transport ambulances, compatible with TS-EN 1789 standards.
- All diesel fuel and oil requirements of all official vehicles, engineering vehicles and equipments registered to our Directorate and belonging to the Municipality, as well as service vehicles rented via annual tenders are met through fuel stations belonging to us.
- Such official procedures as Annual Compulsory Traffic Insurances, Physical Examinations, Exhaust Examinations, License renewals, follow up of accident documents of all of our vehicles and engineering vehicles are carried out by our Directorate.

In 2010, a significant strengthening operation was made at our machinery park. Within this scope, 35 modern refuse lorries, 1 Ford Cargo dumper truck, 4 Mercedes dumper trucks, 1 Mercedes Asphalt Robot, 1 Doblo van were granted to our machinery park. Moreover, the number of accessible vehicles was increased from 2 to 3.
With the Asphalt Plant, it makes trouble shooting of our vehicles and engineering machines, and makes their repairing at our Atelier Unit. If needed, it carries out and follows the transfer of them to foreign markets. It supplies required replacement parts and service purchases at the right condition and the right time, from local or foreign markets.
By making cost-benefit analysis, it carries out entry deletion and scrap sale operations of vehicles completing their economic lives, in accordance with the Vehicle Law No. 237.
It carries out purchasing, license plate and license granting operations of vehicles newly joined the Machinery Park. It carries out periodical traffic examinations, compulsory traffic insurances, exhaust examinations and traffic accident transactions.
It also meets and monitors the fuel and mineral oil need of our vehicles and engineering vehicles.
By making protective and preventive maintenances with Annual Periodical Maintenance Calendar, it carries out operations for minimizing operation costs.
It carries out operations regarding the Worker Health and Work Safety. It fulfils required operations within the framework of the Labor Law No. 4857 and relevant by-laws.
Under the Directorship of Civil Defense, It carries out operations to form Ümraniye Municipality Disaster Management Project, supplying Search & Rescue team and equipments.

It develops operation policies to determine main principles and basic practices regarding the Directorate.

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