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Ümraniye Municipality – Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs was founded on 03.04.2007 with the Council Decision No. 45.
The "Mission" of the Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs is to ensure detection of really helpless people at their place, and make the required aiding for their needs.

Its "vision" is to hold hands of all people requiring care and aid on their bad days, and to do our best as the Municipality, when they need it.
Orphan children, solitary elders, widowed women, mothers of the disabled, families of martyrs are our priorities in aiding. Solitary people who try to sustain their lives under very hard conditions, have no support left, and who are not visited or called by their relatives, and who lost all their hopes completely with all doors of opportunities have been closed... They are held in high esteem by us.
It is our primary mission to meet aidless families with our aids which we carefully focus on.

We are voluntary to provide people an honorable life by reaching them with the humanitarian aid they need.
For that purpose, it is among our missions to sustain necessary works to contribute the right of our people to live humanly, in order to prevent all operations that make people dependent on aid, and that make people aggrieved; and it's among our missions to ensure all unchanged values are sustained in the changing world; and to become the leader in sustaining goodness everywhere and every time. It is our only wish to be the voice of the aggrieved. It is our only happiness to become the denture of your broken arm, wheel of your chair, hot soup of your dinner table and the smile of your face. Making all reviews on this subjects with great care, very carefully assessing all applications coming to the Mayoralty, researching the topic investigated not from just one aspect but from every aspect of it, being in contact with other institutions and organizations, The Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs have an advanced and detailed database regarding the projects it has conducted so far. We update these data every year.

It is our biggest target to sustain the awareness of cooperation and solidarity, which is about to end in our community today. On this way which we have started out with a belief, we have put our efforts for all aidless and aggrieved people wherever they are, with the awareness of brotherhood to make justice dominate the world, to spread the goodness and prevent evilness. The Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs has fairly exceeded its targets set in 2007. Citizen satisfaction, satisfaction of other units and manager satisfaction inside the unit, as well as work satisfaction inside the unit is well above the set goal.

Operational Scope of the Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs

There are three main fields of operation for the Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs. These are:
1- Social Charity Fund;
- Clothing Aid
- Food Aid
- Financial Aid
- Diapers and Disposable underpad supply
- Medical examination, Analysis-Observation and Medicine Aid
Glass Aid
Aid of Bread Coupon
Aid of normal and battery-operated wheelchair
Service of Accessible Vehicle
Bulk weddings
Aids made by the decision of the Council

2- Soup Kitchen;
Hot food delivery
Dinners in Ramadan

3-Clothing Shop;
Cloth delivery for families in need


Provident Fund
The Provident Fund of Ümraniye Municipality was founded on 01.04.2004, in accordance with the terms stated in the 15th article of the Municipality Law No. 1580, for the purpose of relief after detection of aidless people with the approval of the Mayoralty. Within the bonds of possibility, the Provident Fund tries to relieve aidless families living in Ümraniye by making financial aid and aid in kind. All aggrieved citizens can apply the Provident Fund of our Municipality. Applications made are classified to be delivered to our inspection teams to make examinations at the relevant places. In line with the controls and examinations in relevant areas, Investigation Reports are prepared. Investigation reports are sent to the Assessment Committee to be assessed. The Assessment Committee gathers under the presidency of the Deputy Mayor responsible for Social Welfare Affairs, and the investigations are graded.

Applications are assessed under 4 groups:

13.580 citizens are registered in the Provident Fund of Ümraniye Municipality. 3.819 new applications in total were made in 2007. Among our registered citizens, 6.257 people were given financial aid and aid in kind.

Aids Made with the Decision of the Council
These are aids which were made for the applications of our citizens who live within the borders of our Municipality and somehow have victimhood (Flood, Fire, Serious Disease, etc.) that require emergency aid. These aids were made upon assessment of councilors, in order to relieve the victimhood of them in some degree, and ensure survival of the applicant family. 
In 2007, the number of people given aid upon Council Decision was 111, and in total 172.652,000TL of aid was made. As a result of assessments of the incoming applications by Councilors according to the conditions which are predefined and agreed by investigation teams, the number of people to be aided in that year is defined.

Clothing Aid 
Clothing support is given for fatherless, motherless and aidless children as well as their families living within the borders of our municipality. Aidless families registered in the Provident Fund, can get their desired clothes from the stores predefined by the Municipality, at the defined quantities, at the time of Religious Festivals and when the schools are opened.


Financial Aid 
It is a type of aid for the citizens in the 1st and 2nd grade, registered in the Provident Fund of Ümraniye Municipality. Financial aid is made according to a regular schedule and program, in order to meet the emergency needs (operation, medicine, housing, health, medical stuff, etc.) of our aggrieved citizens.

Within the scope of the operations of the Provident Fund, our Municipality made financial aid for 1.912 aidless people in a year. The total amount of the aids made for these aidless people were 528.550 TL in a year. The average of financial aids made in 2007 is 277TL per person. As one can see, the amount of financial aids is not in the level to make a living. Because the purpose of these aids is to meet the needs of the people in need for a while, enough to prevent them to be in a position with broken human dignity, while being a complete poor.


Provision Aid
It is a type of aid for the citizens in the 1st and 2nd grade, registered in the Provident Fund of Ümraniye Municipality. Weight of parcels delivered to low-income citizens within Ramadan and other months to meet their food needs is 35kg, and their content is highly rich.

Delivery of Bread Coupons
It is a type of aid for the citizens in the 1st and 2nd grade, registered in the Provident Fund of Ümraniye Municipality. Based on the population of the family, it is delivered once to meet the annual bread need. With the bread coupons delivered, our citizens can get their breads from Halk Ekmek (Municipality Bread Brand) Buffets.

Medical Aid
Ümraniye Municipality – Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs help families in need and without any social security get medical stuff, too.

Accessible Table
With the slogan "We Overcome Disabilities Together", the Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs of our Municipality has started its operations regarding the disabled citizens in 2004. For that purpose, Accessible Table was founded under the Provident Fund.



Medical examination, Analysis-Observation and Medicine Aid

Ümraniye Municipality – Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs support families in need and without any social security in their medical examination, analysis and observation, and it also meet the needs of medicine, when necessary.

Service of Accessible Vehicle 
There are 2 accessible vehicles in total, belonging to the Ümraniye Municipality – Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs. Our vehicles are designed to fit the use of the disabled, and they have lifts as well as air conditioners. Physically handicapped citizens with disability report can enjoy these vehicles. The accessible vehicles were put into service upon requests of handicapped citizens, and they are adequate at this time. Handicapped citizens express their satisfaction to our Municipality for these kinds of services of ours.


Circumcision Activities
Our municipality ensures circumcision of children in the low income and aidless families registered in the Provident Fund, with the festival it organizes; besides the municipality gives some gifts for our children.
Aggrieved citizens, who wish to have their children circumcised, apply the Provident Fund a month before the planned festival date, to sign up. When they make their applications, they are given cards stating the date and hour of the circumcision. So, they can have their children circumcised by coming to our Municipality at the date stated on the card. Circumcision costumes, too, are provided for the children by our municipality.

Ramadan Dinner
Ümraniye Municipality gives Ramadan Dinners in every Ramadan Month. In 2007, Ramadan dinners were organized at seven different points. These are; central building, soup kitchen, Yeni Çamlıca Social Facilities and wedding ceremony halls defined in four quarters. The dinners prepared under fairly sterile conditions, accompanied by our City police officers, security staff and cooks, were served in a decent environment, in a fairly orderly and clean way for citizens coming to have their Ramadan dinners.

Bulk Weddings
Wedding costs of couples unable to have their marriage ceremonies performed with their own means are met by our Municipality; and at the bulk marriage ceremonies, marriages of these couples are solemnized.

Halil İbrahim Sofrası Soup Kitchen
It is a unit under the Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs which we founded for people, who doesn't have anyone to cook at home, or the bedridden, too old, or the unfortunate families. At our soup-kitchen, meal for 500 people is cooked, and cooked meals are delivered to homes of the detected families. The Soup Kitchen operates 365 days a year. We provide service with 2 cooks, 2 delivery personnel, 2 drivers and a secretariat composed of 2 people. Satisfaction of families to whom we deliver hot meal is fairly high.

Hot Meal Delivery
From the Soup Kitchen under Ümraniye Municipality - Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs, 3 cups of meal are delivered to detected families, twice a day and 365 days a year. Meals are prepared considering disease statuses and requests of the determined families, in a very sterile environment, according to calorie measurement. It is noticeable that the aggrieved people detected as a result of incoming requests and investigations of our Municipality are solitary, disabled, bedded and old. The condition of hot meal service is that the person must be unable to cook the provision granted. If one has physical and psychological ability to cook, then principally, provision aid is preferred.

Dressing Store
After selection, washing, cleaning and ironing of second hand dresses collected with the Sister Money Box Campaign, these dresses are exhibited at our dressing store to be reached to families in need. Each aggrieved citizen registered in the Provident Fund can enjoy the Dressing Store. Our store was opened on 10.09.2007, and it is located in a 130m2 area.

Diapers and Disposable underpad Supply
Diapers and Disposable underpad aids are monthly delivered as 8 packages for one time. Ümraniye residents who bring their reports showing their disability, bedded patient or paralyzed patient status can enjoy this aid.

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