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It is responsible of preparing daily press summary, clipping subjects about the municipality and reproducing them, ensuring contact of the press with the Mayor.  Besides, it also promotes cultural activities, publishes the Bulletin of the Municipality; and it replies public complaints via the White Table. Being responsible of the communication needed between the Municipality, the public and other institutions, and our directorate puts its best effort to fulfill information operations, media monitoring and communication and contact with the public, by following the technological developments required by the age.
Directorate of Press and Public Relations is located at the first floor of our Municipality building. Our directorate acts as a bridge between the municipality and the public. 
Providing service under our directorate, “The White Table” sends your problems to relevant units of our Municipality, by filing them as petitions to be solved. It follows your petition and solves your problem. You can contact the White Table by phone too, so as to make complaints and requests, and you can follow them. When you come to the Municipality for follow-up of any of your jobs, our officers at the White Table will assist you about which unit you will have the job with.
1. Solving complaints and requests of the people,
2. Making authorized units act,
3. Ensuring fluency by guiding our citizens coming to the Municipality,
4. Ensuring harmonization of the municipality with the public,
5. Preparing daily press summary,
6. Monitoring subjects related to the municipality, and clipping them
7. In order to ensure public jobs done at the municipality, in a fast and better way, providing fluency with the "White Table" under our directorate,
8. Promoting operations of the Municipality to the public via media and other means,
9. Archiving operations of the Municipality with videos and photos.
* As traditionalized in every June, Directorate of Press and Public Relations have poor, aidless and orphan children living within the borders of our district circumcised, and support them, also in a moral way.
* With the White Table operating, it helps people by informing relevant units about the complaints and requests of the people about any subjects.
* Making such institutions as Aktaş and İSKİ act, and this directorate acts as a bridge between institutions and the citizens.
White Table takes complaints and requests expressed via phone, e-mail or in person, and it sends them to relevant units as petitions. Contacting with the relevant units in order to finalize the expressed complaints and requests at the shortest time possible, it ensures solution within 48 hours. When the issue is settled, the applicant is notified and given information about the result of the application. A weekly report is presented to the Mayoralty about the applications made. Filing and archiving of the complaints and requests is done by the White Table, too.
It provides consultancy service, by guiding our citizens who come to the Municipality building for any of his/her job, however does not know where or which unit to go, inside or outside of the institutions.
Correspondences of the Directorate of Press and Public Relations inside or outside of the organization is made by the White Table Staff.
It ensures settlement of applications made to the Knowledge Acquisition Unit founded on 20.05.2004 in accordance with the Knowledge Acquisition Right Law No. 4982, which is within the framework of the relevant law.
It attends all the programs made on behalf of the Mayor. Informing Mr. Mayor about the programs of the activities organized by our Mayoralty, and ensuring guidance by taking the flow of the program under control.
It ensures preliminary preparation works about the program. By making checks prior to the programs, it ensures all preparations have been completed in such activities as Opening Ceremony, Culture-Art activities, in brief all the activities that Mr. Mayor will attend. Carries out such preliminary works as installing a platform, organizing the place and the order of protocol seats, place of the presentation and press members; organization of flag, ornamentation and sound system, making rehearsals; allocating proper places for the staff responsible of catering.
If Mr. Mayor is invited, it collects and gives preliminary information to Mr. Mayor about the content, purpose, field of service of t he program, history of the organization making the invitation. If it is about any artist, the directorate is responsible of researching and giving information about the latest works, history and fields of interests.
It ensures examinations, analysis and inspections are done for the poor, aidless and solitary people having no social security or economic power, and the citizens registered in the Provident Fund of our Municipality or people in need of an emergency aid.
It invites members of the written and visual media to various activities that our Municipality organizes, via fax, e-mail and phone; and ensuring their attendance.
It ensures the organization of participants by warm welcoming members of the media attending the programs that our municipality organizes; providing press releases about the program, and guiding them about the appropriate points that they can take records.
Photo and video records are ensured to be taken in all programs that our Mayor attends and the Municipality organizes.
It writes the news stories of the activities and operations of our municipality, and sends these stories to national and local media stations along with the photos taken during the programs. Besides, the directorate provides CDs of the news stories to press members.
It daily monitors and systematically archives all the news published or broadcast about our Mayor or Municipality. It presents daily and monthly reports of the news to Mr. Mayor.
All photos and videos taken during the programs that Mr. Mayor attends are systematically archived.
It puts advertisements on local and national newspapers and radios about the subjects that our Mayoralty approves, follow-up of the advertisement process, archiving the advertisements,
In order to announce municipal operations to the public; preparation of banners, brochures, leaflets, etc. are made, as the Press Unit..
Ensuring interviews of Mr. Mayor on local and national newspapers, and attendance of Mr. Mayor on TV and Radio programs,
Carrying out necessary works to prepare the bulletin including the operations of our Municipality.
It presents monthly and yearly reports about the operations of the press unit, to Mr. Mayor.

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