Management of Editorial Office

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Directorate of Editorial Affairs is a unit working under the Mayor through Deputy Mayor, in accordance with the 48th article of the Municipality Law No. 5393. Directorate of Editorial affairs is responsible of regulating document flow and archiving; taking decisions of the assembly and council; management of institution's archive, carrying out operations and transactions of aiding families of soldiers in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force.
The Directorate of Editorial Affairs is consisted of 1 manager, 6 officers, 1 worker and 7 service staff, which are 11 employees in total. The Directorate of Editorial Affairs:
1) Coordinates definition of the agenda, gathering of the Municipal Assembly and its decision taking, within the framework of the provisions of the Municipality Law No.5393 and the Bylaw of Working of Municipal Assembly. By typing the decisions taken, and submit them to the Mayor for confirmation.  Definite decisions not relevant to zoning are submitted to Local Authority to enter into force. Decisions about zoning are submitted to the Directorate. One copy of decisions is archived along with their attachments. At the same time, it keeps voice records of assembly sessions and publishes decisions on the web.
2) Within the framework of the Law No. 5393, it holds council meetings, forms the agenda, ensures decision taking, types the decisions taken and completes their signature process. It submits decisions for the purpose of implementation to relevant units, and it archives the original copy of the decision along with its attachments.
3) Receives all petitions and documents coming to the Municipality; after reviewing them in terms of addressee and responsibility, it makes their registries and classifications; after manager order, it delivers to be submitted to Deputy Mayor in exchange for debit; ensures coordination in terms of taking necessary steps at the right time and responding.
4) The Directorate receives all documents coming from units, in exchange for debt. It screens out them in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaw on Basis and Procedures to Apply in Official Correspondences. It makes exit registries of the appropriate ones, and sends them to relevant places through postal service or courier.
5) It carries out fulfillment of archive services of the institutions within the framework of the legislation in force.
6) By tracking changes in legislation and notifies units of the Municipality.

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